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Emergency Connectivity Fund Program

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Emergency Connectivity Fund Program

The Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) is a $7.17 billion program newly created by Congress to help students learn even outside of the physical classroom. From June 29 until August 13, E-Rate eligible schools and libraries can file applications for laptops, tablet computers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and more, free of charge. In order to help you gain access to this resource, Knight Nets is currently offering to generate a proposal for the application, and has connected devices and hot spots ready for installation at off-campus locations. Don't miss this opportunity!

How it Works

Eligible schools and libraries can file an application for funds to purchase eligible equipment and services. Note that ECF funding is in addition to funding from the E-Rate program, and can only be used for devices used at off-campus locations, such as churches, community centers, and the homes of students and school staff. In contrast to the E-Rate program, there is no competitive bidding process. As long as you have students who need internet access, and a provider to help them get it, you're good!

Eligible Schools

If you're currently participating in the E-Rate program, you are already eligible to request funds! Otherwise, you're still eligible as long as you are a(n):

· Elementary or secondary school (including private, charter, and religious schools!)

· Library

· Library consortium

And not eligible if you are a(n):

· For-profit school or library

· School with an endowment >$50 million

· Library with budget that isn't completely separate from schools

· Libraries/library consortia that aren't eligible for support under LSTA

Eligible Devices

Eligible Devices include:

· Connected Devices (laptops, tablet computers, but NOT desktop computers or mobile devices)

· Wi-Fi hotspots

· Modems

· Routers

· Broadband connections

Learn More

Knight Nets remains committed to providing best-in-class service, unsurpassed value, and a high-caliber team. To learn more about how we can help you get connected devices to your students now, we recommend you contact us at 516.616.1100, book a free 15 minute consultation, or use the form below. We're happy to discuss your needs and send you a proposal that you can submit for funding. This program is a great opportunity to help the students that need it - don't miss out!

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