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Security Systems

Digital Security System

Security Systems

Looking for an innovative solution to secure public or private buildings to protect students, educators, parishoners, clergy or employees?

Concerned with ensuring a safe and nurturing environment in your school as a necessary foundation for education?

Let's talk!

We are faced with new challenges every day relating to gun violence, theft, vandalism and even biological safety.  The current times call for ways to mitigate risk and deter potential threats of all kinds.

A comprehensive strategy is now called for that takes into account your specific threats- both likely and unlikely- as well as your unique premise-based vulnerabilities.  The strategy should provide for the use of technology for physical security, as well as protocols and procedures for emergency situations.  Also important is the training in the use of a physical security system and emergency protocols.


At Knight Nets, we have been installing and maintaining commercial security systems for over 20 years.  We have the expertise to understand your unique needs and propose a system that will secure your premises and keep everyone safe.


We specialize in video surveillance systems, and physical security systems that can be locally or remotely monitored and managed using IP based access control.  In these difficult times, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can remotely restrict access at any time.


Eliminate premise vulnerabilites and create a safe environment that will be conducive to education, worship or running your business.  We will guide you in selecting the best possible technological and physical barriers to win the war against violence and crime in schools, churches, and the workplace.   

Learn more about Getting Started or Contact Us today to discuss your project and obtain a free price quote!  To set up a free 15 minute consult Click Here>> 

"Over the past 7 years, Knight Nets has provided absolutely outstanding workmanship and service in handling our wiring, telephone, secuity and video conferencing at our Brookiyn campus.  They provided countless hours of on-site assistance understanding our needs and objectives in order to make the best possible recommendations for hardware and software.  Their tremendous support and knowledge gve us the confidence we needed to implement a better network infrastructure in our multiple sites. Since that time, Knight Nets has continued to provide truly outstanding telecommunications and network services.

Grada Hyppolite

Technology Coordinator

Martin De Porres Schools



"We highly recommend Kinight Nets for all of our network design, administration and service needs.  They have provided outstanding service to our school for everything from network design and installation, wireless access, technical instruction, firewall and switch configuration, wiring, surveillance cameras and more.  They completed a flawless installation of technology and keep everything running very smoothly, both during and after business hours.  They are always willing to assist and are a pleasure to deal with.  Very accommodating and knowledgable. They come highly recommedned for any and all of the services listed! " 

Adrianne Grant

Technology Coordinator

St. Josph's School For The Deaf


"We hve been a customer of Knight Nets for many years.  We have found their services to be exceptional and their representatives
are knowledgable and courteous at all times. They are well trained and are able to consistently meet tight deadlines.
They also prove themselves to be reliable and trustworthy, and are able to meet all the school's technology needs. Many thanks to the Knight Nets team, who has been instrumental in making sure that Lavelle Prep consistently works in an efficient, secure and productive environment."


Dana Volini

Director of Operations

Lavelle Preporatory Charter Schools


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