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Computer Networks

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Computer Networks

Do you have WIFI issues that impede your ability to get your job done?


Do you suffer slow speed, poor connections, or network unreliability?

Let us help!

Let's face it- it is frustrating when technology gets in the way of you and your team getting the job done easily and efficiently.  It costs time, money and sometimes can even negatively impact your relationship with current and prospective clients and industry peers/partners.


THE GOOD NEWS IS- it does not have to be that way!


Kinight Nets can design, implement and maintain a robust, reliable and secure Wifi or computer network.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are very experienced in understanding your wants and needs.  We design a scalable, customized infrastructure that will not only resolve any current issues you might be experiencing, but will ensure going forward that technology will continue to make your job easier and more efficient.


Basically we will perform a thorough needs analysis to understand your specific requirements.  We will then provide a free proposal that will lay out hardware and software recommendations, costs, and lead times for building out and testing the new network infrastructure.  


Once your network is built and running smoothly, we can provide seamless maintenance of the network including access control/access management, security, troubleshooting any problems, and keeping hardware and software up to date.

Put our deep knowledge and expertise to work for you.  We are  certified partners with all leading manufacturers of the most affordable and reliable network components.  Click Here to see some of our manufacturers>>


Let us take away the worry and dissatisfaction of an outdated computer network system.  That way you can stay focused on getting your job done efficiently and effectively without the headaches and frustrations of uncooperative technology!

Ready to learn more, discuss your needs, and obtain a free recommendation and price quote?  


Call us now at 516.616.1100, or click to call using the green phone icon or send us a note below.  To set up a free 15 minute consult, Click Here>>  



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